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Cheap Cuts Both Ways

The word ‘cheap’ cuts both ways – especially when choosing a content management system (CMS).

Bicycle Theory is often called in to 'save the day' on projects that have gotten away from others. As a result, BT supports a myriad of different CMS platforms – from open source solutions like WordPress to rapid development platforms like ColdFusion.

These solutions make big promises, but often create bigger problems down the line. And more often than not, the reason these solutions get away from brands is that they allow too many cooks in the kitchen.

That's why Bicycle Theory created the VenYou CMS. VenYou provides a controlled environment that allows us to delivering high quality solutions that stand the test of time. And a longer shelf life means lower overall costs.


VenYou is a proprietary CMS supported by a team of proven experts.

VenYou finds strength in what makes it different from open-source CMS solutions – a dedicated staff.

The staff at Bicycle Theory is committed to designing and producing an effective website for your brand that keeps your customers happy and coming back. They also constantly monitor VenYou to make sure that your experience on VenYou starts and continues to be smooth and easy throughout your time with us. 


VenYou can be highly customized.

The benefit to creating the tools you use to do a job is that you can manipulate them – or create new ones – to do almost anything you like.

The VenYou toolbox is constantly evolving because our clients' needs continue to change. And change is inevitable – especially online.


VenYou is built with experience.

VenYou tools and systems are based on our actual working experience with real world clients. Rather than building what we think people might want, we focus on delivering solutions we know our clients need. And then we work to make those solutions even better.


We excel at breaking projects down to help your brand move forward.

We believe that you get what you pay for. And serious brands know that value is not determined by the lowest cost. Quality comes with a price tag.

On the other hand, we appreciate that all business operate on different margins. So we're willing to ‘walk and talk’ on most projects to help your brand figure out the best plan of attack based on your needs and limitations.


Future you will thank present you.

Don't be fooled by the myths of open source CMS solutions. Things may work great 'out of the box.' They may even be cheaper. But as time goes on, new content and functionality will be needed. And the original developer may have moved on.

Don't let your website become a Frankenstein monster where different tools are cobbled together using plug-ins and code created and assembled by a varying array of even more developers. And save yourself the time, hassle, and cost of needing to update all the themes and plug-ins that were customized every time a new version of the CMS platform is updated.

Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


Contact Bicycle Theory and learn more about the VenYou CMS today!

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