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7 Reasons to Use the VenYou™ CMS

Here are 7 reasons to consider using Bicycle Theory’s VenYou content management system (CMS) in addition to those listed on the About VenYou page of this website.


(1) VenYou is designed for content managers, not Web developers.

Most CMS solutions are created by and for Web developers. And as a result, many of them try to do too much, making them very complicated and difficult to use.

Instead of trying to be the end-all-be-all solution for every possible scenario, VenYou was designed with content managers in mind. This makes it incredibly easy to use and master.


(2) VenYou protects your brand.

Branding is all about consistency over time. And VenYou was built with this in mind.

Created by Bicycle Theory – a brand marketing company whose job it is to help brands establish themselves, grow, and prosper – VenYou has controls in place to help ensure that content is presented consistently from page to page. This allows multiple content managers to update the website without being able to present content in a way that is ‘out of brand.’


(3) VenYou can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Bicycle Theory built VenYou from the ground up, which means we can make it do what we want or need it to do. And VenYou is built using the same code base as most open source solutions, allowing us to tap into tools that work without limiting ourselves by those that don’t.


(4) VenYou is built and supported by local experts.

Building a comprehensive system requires more than using a series of plug-ins created by a random assortment of different developers. That’s why Bicycle Theory keeps close watch over VenYou.


(5) VenYou provides quality control.

Without proper attention to detail, an open source solution can quickly become a big mess – especially if you have multiple developers working on it.

VenYou is exclusively built and maintained by Bicycle Theory and its team of highly skilled team of creative and technical brand experts. This allows us to efficiently and effectively serve a multitude of clients, keep their tools up to date, and know that they’re all operating as they should – saving time, money, and frustration in the process.

And because VenYou is a proprietary system, Bicycle Theory is able to promise a level of quality and system integrity over time that open source solutions simply can’t.


(6) VenYou is not a pair of ‘golden handcuffs.’

VenYou is built in PHP. So if and when you want to self-host, BT can create a copy of your website and the VenYou CMS in its most current state for you to take elsewhere.


(7) And finally, Bicycle Theory provides a safety net.

When our clients add and lose employees, they can count on Bicycle Theory to help pick up the slack in transition. And we’ll also be there to help train and support new employees so they’re set up for success.

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