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5 Myths of Open Source CMS Solutions

Customers sometimes ask why we use a proprietary content management system (CMS) instead of an open source solution. And our answer is simple – quality, flexibility, and integrity that lasts over time.

However, here are 5 myths about open source solutions that we often encounter.


Myth 1: Open source is FREE! Or rather, open source solutions promise a low cost of entry. 

Open source solutions may be free to download, but using them well requires expertise. You’ll still need somebody to design, configure, and produce a website using these tools.

So open source solutions may help reduce costs for relatively simple websites, at least initially; but when it comes to more complex needs, VenYou can do more for less.


Myth 2: Open source solutions allow you to use multiple developers.

This is also true; however, doing so generally creates bigger problems down the line.

Most developers have different standards and build systems differently, even within an open source community. And the more cooks you have in the kitchen, the more likely you are to ruin the stew.

At Bicycle Theory, our development team works hard to ensure that all tools built into the VenYou platform utilize the same underlying code base. This uniformity results in greater system integrity and makes the creation, management, and website user experience that much better.


Myth 3: Open source solutions promise a community of free resources, add-ons, and plug-ins.

And this too is true; however, leveraging these tools requires an expert resource that knows how to integrate them AND make sure they work properly with all the other resources, add-ons, and plug-ins – now and over time.

Over the long term, open source solutions cost just as much as (or more than) using a proprietary CMS. And the end result will likely be inferior – especially when that proprietary CMS can be customized to suit your brand’s exact needs.


Myth 4: Open source solutions are easier to customize

This is not true. In fact, it’s arguably the opposite.

As an extension of myths 2 and 3, it’s often harder to customize the tools built by different developers with different standards and know that they’re going to work as you intended with all the other components. And when you do, these modifications may need constant tweaking when other components are added or updated. And building tools of your own creates similar risks.


Myth 5: Open source solutions allow me to host my website anywhere, but proprietary solutions don’t.

This is partly true. Open source solutions still require a Web host to support their software.

And even though Bicycle Theory requires its client to host their VenYou sites in our hosting environment to maintain system integrity and ensure that all of our clients’ websites are operating properly, VenYou is built using PHP – the same code base that most open source solutions use.

So, in the event that a client decided to end their relationship with Bicycle Theory, their website – along with a copy of the VenYou CMS – can be harvested and hosted elsewhere.

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