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Administrative Controls

Some brands need to have multiple administrators to manage different aspects of their Web presence.


  • Individual Administrator Rights – Set up multiple administrators, each with their own set of permissions to manage different parts of a Web presence.
  • Preview and Publish Pending Controls – Give some administrators the ability to create new content, but others the task of reviewing and publishing it.
  • Expiration Dates – All Resources can include optional expiration dates to manage time sensitive content.
  • Dashboards – Dashboards alert administrators to pending and expired content, and to orders that need to be fulfilled. Administrators can also create shortcuts to manage specific content within VenYou.
  • Restricted Content (File Protection) – File protect select resource to prevent any direct linking or access to certain Web content without a username and password.
  • Reports – Analyze and export data about your content, orders, registrations, inventory, members, users, and more. Facilitate your operations with built-in and custom reports.
  • System Integration – Bicycle Theory can integrate your VenYou website with external systems including accounting, customer relations, and member management.
  • Google Analytics – All VenYou-based websites include Google Analytics integration so that you can easily monitor and track site use.

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