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Designed for content managers, not Web developers.

VenYou doesn’t just do the job. VenYou does the job better.

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Design and User Experience

Delivering information is one thing. Delivering it in a compelling way that is easy to use and understand is another. VenYou Themes – VenYou themes are designed to provide the perfect balance of form and function while lowering the initial cost of entry. Touch-Friendly Design – Tablets and mobile devices are redefining how people access and gather information. And smaller…

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Basic CMS Tools

The basic VenYou™ toolset is all that many brands need to present themselves online. Page Tree Elements – Page Tree elements are the basic architectural elements of your website – including sections, pages, and support utilities. These are the basic website pages that are designed to help maintain visual brand integrity, provide significant content flexibility, and allow…

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Advanced CMS Tools

Some brands require more robust tools to deliver a relevant brand experience. Search – VenYou search tools can be applied to the entire website and/or within specific sections. Location Directories – Leverage the power of Google Maps and advanced data searching to help users find your brand – whether it’s at your own locations, partner locations, or any other …

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Administrative Controls

Some brands need to have multiple administrators to manage different aspects of their Web presence. Individual Administrator Rights – Set up multiple administrators, each with their own set of permissions to manage different parts of a Web presence. Preview and Publish Pending Controls – Give some administrators the ability to create new content, but others the task of re…

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Quality Control

Building a website is one thing. Building a website that works and displays, as intended, across standard browsers, platforms, and devices is quite another. Compliance Standards – To ensure that VenYou™ websites are accessible by the vast majority of users, we start every project with the assumption that it has to comply with W3C standards. Cross-Platform Testing – …

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