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No shortcuts. No excuses. Just a rock solid CMS.

You can think of a content management system (CMS) like a suit (or even a bicycle). You can buy one off the shelf and have someone try to make adjustments to better fit you. Or, you can have it custom tailored to fit you like nothing else.


VenYou is a Web-based alternative to the many open-source solutions on the market.

VenYou is built, owned, operated, hosted, and maintained by the dedicated and expert team at Bicycle Theory. And because we control it top-to-bottom, VenYou not only offers greater flexibility and security than open-source solutions; but it is constantly monitored and maintained by the hard working people you can actually meet and know.


Why VenYou?

For starters ...

  1. VenYou is easy to use – No special software is required. You just need a Web browser and an Internet connection.
  2. VenYou is incredibly flexible – Because Bicycle Theory built the VenYou CMS, we can make it do just about anything a client might need.
  3. VenYou protects your brand – VenYou was created to give multiple content managers the ability to quickly and easily manage your website while simultaneously minimizing their ability to present and format content in a way that is ‘out of brand.’
  4. VenYou is very well supported – Bicycle Theory’s proven team of experts supports VenYou and its clients from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota.


But that's not all. There's more.

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